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About NUCA of Colorado

As the only trade association dedicated solely to the utility construction business, NUCA of Colorado is the preeminent place to come together with other industry professionals to grow and develop, listen and communicate, and share best practices in a spirit of trust and cooperation. NUCA of Colorado offers its members the opportunity to build relationships and create unique business opportunities, stay up-to-date on the latest industry news, and participate in shaping industry-related legislation.

2015 Project Preview

Thank you to our sponsors, presenters, and attendees for making the 2015 Project Preview a great success. Presentations from our presenters are available now for download. Click here to find out more.

Board of Directors

Wednesday April 15,  2015
Next Board of Directors Meeting 
Location: Prost Brewery 2540 19th St. Denver, CO 80211

Board Meeting begins @ 4:00 p.m. followed by the Happy Hour reception.


Date and Time: 
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 4:00pm

Next Training Courses and Safety Breakfasts

Saw Blade Safety Training

April 10, 8:30 AM 
United Rentals Trench Safety - 64th and Washington
During this safety class, we will cover the basics of how diamond blades are made and how they work, what to look for on blades to indicate potential failure, and the six most common blade problems and how to prevent them. Tom Esch will also cover the importance of running blades the proper direction, share a short video on cutting techniques and how to properly support pipe and prevent kickback and PPE.  We also cover the dangers of dust and how to properly contain it.  
Thursday, April 30, 2015
7:30 a.m. 

Did you know that employees who have been on the job less than one year account for nearly 40 percent of the total claim costs and number of claims reported? Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation claims are becoming a serious issue and we all pay the price through increased insurance costs.  Most of us would never even think about being dishonest in regards to work related injuries, but in reality, it happens all too often.

At NUCA of Colorado's April Safety Breakfast Meeting, our goal is to provide you with the necessary tools that you need in order to safely introduce new employees into your workplace through proven, legal hiring practices. A solid hiring process is broken into three stages: pre-offer, post-offer window and post-placement. NUCA will cover all three stages from the pre-offer stage including application and interview to the post-conditional offer stage, in which the employer can best evaluate prospective candidates. As an added bonus, you’ll also learn how to assess existing employees’ abilities to perform their jobs safely and what you can do if they can’t. Utilizing the readily available legal ways of screening potential employees can save a business thousands of dollars. 

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